The Wayne County Sheriff's Office conducted a random search at Charles B. Aycock High School Thursday morning to look for drugs and contraband.

Maj. Tom Effler with the sheriff's office said authorities recovered a small amount of marijuana and some drug paraphernalia during the search.

Effler said no charges were immediately filed because the sheriff's office was investigating to figure out to whom the contraband belonged to in order to put the charge on the correct person.

Charles B. Aycock was the only school raided Thursday, and was put on lockdown while authorities searched the school.

The search began around 9 a.m., Effler said.

Effler said the Wayne County Drug Squad, Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team, the N.C. Department of Correction and deputies aided in the search.

Both lockers and classrooms were searched during the lockdown.

"When we search a classroom, we will take the students out and put them in a different classroom and then take the dogs in and let them search," Effler said.

Effler said school officials were notified ahead of time that the sheriff's office would be searching the school.

One student was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, Effler said. Also, a stun gun "purchased on a field trip" was seized from another student, but so far no charges have been filed.

Thursday's random search of C.B. Aycock is the third time the sheriff's office has conducted such an operation on a school in Wayne County this school year.

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