A quick-burning fire on a kitchen counter inside 1609 Murphy St. around noon Saturday left two children injured, each with significant burns to their face and chest.

Assistant Goldsboro Fire Chief James Farfour said two children, ages 8 and 12, were roasting marshmallows by burning rubbing alcohol in a pan on top of the kitchen counter.

Things "got out of hand," Farfour said.

The children were both taken by Wayne County EMS to Wayne Memorial Hospital for treatment, Farfour said.

The fire did not spread past the pan on the counter the children were using, he said.

"There was an adult present," Farfour said.

Farfour added he did not know the adult's relationship to the children, or what the adult was doing at the time of the fire broke out.

The Goldsboro Police Department also responded to the fire.

Georgia Dees, public relations officer for Wayne Memorial Hospital, said no information whatsoever could be released about the children, including their condition or whether or not they had been transferred to a different medical center.