With Democratic candidates running for election in every congressional district statewide, the members of the Wayne County Democratic Party were in high spirits Saturday during its annual convention at the Wayne County Courthouse.

That is no justification to let up, however, guest speaker and Wake County Superior Court Judge Vince Rozier said.

"We have shared experience that the Democratic Party is the best political vehicle for attaining our goals of justice and equality for all people," he said. "On occasions like this, we have the opportunity to get organized for what's best to enact change for our party, but sometimes at these conventions we get bogged down in parliamentary procedure and don't discuss how to be proactive in making progress."

Rozier said that Democrats should keep their eyes on the end goals of providing a free and just society, and remember to always question and evaluate the official positions of the party. He said that it is a focus on people, not the abstract values ascribed to a political party, which will help Democrats be successful.

"We're here to support poor people looking for a path out of poverty, we're here to support working people seeking clean water, we're here for middle class people who want affordable health care," he said. "We're here for young people who are dreamers, we're here for the human rights of all people."

Rozier cautioned Democratic leaders away from catering to political extremes, and urged them to eschew political talking points in favor of dealing with the local issues right in front of them. A tendency to shell up in political ideologies has created a culture of "us versus them" in America, he said, which stymies efforts to work together.

Democrats must be personally active if they hope to take control of government at all levels, he said.

"We could use another Lincoln," he said. "But right now what we really need are some Harriet Tubmans who are willing to walk to save lives."