WAYne Forward, the task force recently formed to address the causes and symptoms of poverty in Goldsboro and Wayne County wants to hear from residents about their thoughts and experiences.

In addition to a series of upcoming community meetings and neighborhood canvass opportunities, WAYne Forward also is distributing a new Community Member Survey at the Wayne County Public Library in Goldsboro, the Fremont and Pikeville libraries and Steele Memorial Library in Mount Olive.

The purpose of this survey is to gauge people's opinions about poverty and its causes, as well as opinions about how poverty and how its symptoms can be best addressed. The task force is asking for both people affected directly by poverty and those who are not to respond. The surveys will be available at all library branches this week. Those filling them out are asked to return them to the service desk when complete. The survey should take only about five minutes to complete.

An online version is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5DYWQFL.

The surveys will be collected and the online version closed by Friday, April 27.

"We know this group does not have all the answers. We don't even know all the problems and concerns that people have and are experiencing," said co-chair Matthew Whittle, executive director for Habitat for Humanity of Goldsboro-Wayne. "That's why we need to hear from the community. We need to hear about your experiences with poverty and your perceptions of poverty. In order to create any sort of lasting impact or change this will have to be a community driven process, and these community surveys are a first step in that direction."

Contact co-chair Matthew Whittle for more information at 919-736-9592 x 5 or executive@habitatgoldsboro.org.