MOUNT OLIVE -- A call to the Mount Olive police about a woman who had fallen in the street ended with an alleged assault on an EMS worker.

According to a report, police responded to an incident in which Dequana Yasmeen Cogdell, 38, 502 Church St., Mount Olive, was found lying on Kornegay Street on Sept. 1.

When police arrived, the report said, they ran up to the woman to see what happened when bystanders said Cogdell told them she was hit by a car -- some saying they were told it was a black Audi -- but none of them had actually seen the vehicle that allegedly hit her.

The report said Cogdell acted as if she were indeed wounded, and after radioing the incident in to other officers, it was discovered that authorities had responded to a woman who had fallen on Church Street and knew the vehicle description, saying the Audi was actually owned by a member of Cogdell's family.

The other officers said Cogdell was directed to go to her grandmother's home on Kornegay Street.

When the responding officer knelt down to assess the woman's injuries, however, he smelled a strong odor of alcohol, and once they began to question her, the report said Cogdell became irate with all pretense of pain dissolving into a litany of shouting and threats.

The report said the bystanders restrained her to the ground where she remained until EMS arrived. The report said it appeared that Cogdell was further enraged by the arrival of EMS and became combative towards them, as well.

After a struggle getting her into the ambulance, EMS personnel refused to take her to the hospital because she had hit one of them, the report said.

Cogdell was then put under arrest, which didn't go too smoothly either because she was further enraged and more combative, according to the report.

The report said she began screaming in an officer's face and resisted being put in the squad car.

On the way to the Wayne County Jail, Cogdell is reported to have threatened the police officers' life "with having people she knew on the street run up on (him) in broad daylight and kill (him)," said the report.

Cogdell was charged with felony assault causing physical injury to emergency personnel; misdemeanor resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer; two counts of misdemeanor communicating threats; and misdemeanor drunk and disorderly.

Cogdell was put under a $10,000 secured bond.

After Cogdell was placed in jail, the report said her mother told police that she acted the way she did because she was drunk, didn't like being restrained or the Mount Olive Police Department.