— District 1, $454,322:

Devereaux Street, seven projects from Roberts to Hickory streets, Elm to Alvin streets, Alvin to Eason streets, Hickory Street to Olivia Lane, Olivia Lane to Wilmington Avenue, Wilmington to Wayne avenues, and Eason to Roberts streets.

Fussell Street from James to George streets.

Orchard Street from Miller Avenue to Whitefield Drive.

Whitted Court from the cul de sac to South Alabama Avenue.

— District 2, $461,299:

Cashwell Street from Berkeley Boulevard to Boxwood Lane.

Walnut Street from Taylor to Claiborne streets, Madison Avenue to Best Street, and Best Street to Taylor Street.

— District 3, $529,005:

Hollowell Street from Spruce Street to the block number change on the street and to Hinson Street.

Hooks River Road from Victor Place to North William Street, John Court to Victor Place, Richards Street to John Court, and U.S. 117 to Richards Street.

John Street from Hooks River Road to the cul-de-sac.

— District 4, $483,658:

Head Street from John to Ball streets.

Johnson Lane from Seymour Drive to Wisteria Road.

Myers Avenue from Seymour Drive to Seymour Drive that loops around the road.

Rosewood Avenue from Wisteria Road to Seymour Drive.

Wisteria Road from Slocumb Street to Johnson Lane, and Johnson Lane to Rosewood Avenue.

— District 5, $547,209:

Claiborne Street from Beech to Holly streets, Peachtree to Rose streets, Palm to Beech streets.

Ash to Peachtree streets, and Rose to Palm streets.

Glen Oak Drive from Handley Acres to Pineland drives.

— District 6, $520,586:

Darby Road from Wood Place to New Hope Road and from Scotty Drive to Wood Place.

Hill Drive from Berkeley Boulevard to Circle cul-de-sac.

Scotty Drive from Boyette to Darby drives, Lemuel to Boyette drives, Lisa Lane to Lemuel Drive, and Darby Road to dead end.