Anniversary Announcement

  • Couple/Family Information
  • Celebration Information & Photo
  • Contact Information
  • Finish

OPTION 1 PLATINUM — $75 — 2 column by 3.5-inch couple shot. Family members listed and description of the anniversary celebration as well as details about the couple’s own wedding. Up to 5.5 inches of text included. After that, $10 per inch. *ADD a second photo for $20 more. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 copy suitable for framing and 3 free newspapers.

OPTION 2 GOLD — $50 — 1.5 column by 2.25-inch couple shot. Basic information about the couple as well as numerical representation of the family (i.e. the couple have 5 daughters, two sons and 14 grandchildren.) Up to 3 inches of copy included. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3 free newspapers

OPTION 3 SILVER — $25 — No photo. Basic anniversary information up to 3 inches.

DEADLINES: Your information and photo must be turned in to us 14 days before the Sunday you want your announcement to publish.

Because of the personalized nature of engagement, wedding and anniversary announcements, the text and photos must be approved in advance. Payments for the packages are due BEFORE publication. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Couple's Information
Include wife's maiden name.
Family Information

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