Rosewood’s Bella Plews reaches up for the ball as she looks to earn a kill against Eastern Wayne.

The Rosewood Eagles defeated the Eastern Wayne Warriors in four sets of volleyball Monday in the Eastern Wayne gymnasium.

The first set started off as a back-and-forth battle with neither team being able to gain control.

Through the first 18 points of the match, the set remained tied at 9-9. With the score even, Rosewood broke serve to take a 10-9 lead.

When it was Rosewood’s turn to serve, Alexis Mazura stepped up to the line to try and increase their 1-point lead. Mazura did an excellent job serving the volleyball, and the Eagles were able to increase their lead to 14-9.

After being the first team to take a sizable lead in the match, Rosewood continued to control the set and were able to increase their lead even further. The Eagles went on to win 11 of the next 15 points in the set, and take the first set 25-13.

In the second set, neither team seemed to be able to gain an edge over the other. Through the first 27 points of the set, the Warriors held a 1-point lead at 14-13. Even though the set remained close, Eastern Wayne was able to hold on to their small lead and they had double set-point with the score at 24-22.

Eastern Wayne was unable to serve the set out with the 2-point lead, and Rosewood won 3 points in a row to claim set point for themselves at 25-24.

In a turn of events, Eastern Wayne came back and won 3 points in a row to reclaim the momentum of the match and take the set 27-25.

In the third set, Rosewood looked to start off strong after losing a second set in which they had set- point.

They got out to an early 10-5 lead in the set, and continued to grow their lead for the rest of the third set.

The Eagles went on to win the third set 25-9.

Rosewood continued their dominance in the fourth set of the game where they won easily by a score of 25-15.

Rosewood head coach Tonya Sittig said she was proud of the way her team played, even though they didn’t play their best in the first two sets.

“The team played fairly well overall,” Sittig said. “They didn’t play to the standard that we normally play, but I’m still proud of them.”

With the win, Rosewood improved to 2-1 for the season, while Eastern Wayne fell to 2-3.

Rosewood will take on South Lenoir on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. in Deep Run.