Wayne Christian Eagles starting pitcher Brianna Verme throws a pitch on her way to a perfect game in the Eagles’ matchup Thursday against the Goldsboro Cougars.

The Wayne Christian Eagles defeated the Goldsboro Panthers 18-0 on Thursday afternoon.

Wayne Christian pitcher Brianna Verme started off the game by easily working through the first inning with three batters up and three batters down.

When the Eagles came up to bat, Ella Fox and Katie King both got on base with singles. Verme came up to bat next and hit a single, but a series of fielding errors led to both Fox and King scoring to give the Eagles a 2-0 lead.

After another hitless inning from Verme, Wayne Christian came up to plate again and scored five more runs. The first two runs came off of a two-RBI triple from King that scored Michaela Gray and Ella Fox to make the score 4-0. King would come into score on the next bat with an RBI single from Caroline Fox. The next run for the Eagles came off an RBI triple from Brittney Butts who scored A.J. Verme. The last score of the second inning came off an RBI single from Maddy Sutton that scored Butts to give Wayne Christian a 7-0 lead.

The top of the third inning was just like the first two innings for Verme where she allowed zero hits, and quickly worked through the lineup. Wayne Christian scored again in the third inning with an RBI single from Fox who scored Hannah Jones to give the Eagles an 8-0 lead.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Wayne Christian scored a total of 10 runs. The first run came off an RBI double from Butts which scored A.J. Verme. The second run came off an RBI single from Maddy Sutton, which scored Butts. A third run was scored by Sutton who scored off a wild pitch.

The Eagles scored again off an RBI single from Fox, which scored Michaela Gray to give the Eagles a 12-0 lead. Two more runs came off of a two-RBI triple from King who scored Jones and Ella Fox. Caroline Fox hit King in with an RBI single and then Butts came into score off a fielding error to make the score 16-0.

The last two runs of the fourth inning came off a fielding error that scored A.J. Verme, and an RBI single from Lilly Britt that scored Butts.

Brianna Verme finished the game with another hitless inning in the fifth in what turned out to be a perfect game where she gave up no hits or walks. The junior pitcher also finished with 11 strikeouts in five innings.

Wayne Christian Head Coach Tommy Fox said he wasn’t surprised by Brianna Verme’s dominant performance.

“(Brianna) typically pitches like that, so that didn’t surprise me,” Fox said. “She’s a pretty good pitcher, so she did some good things. She used all four pitches, hit strikes and moved it side to side, up and down, and her change up was really working well, and it kind of kept them off balance.”

Fox also said that speed by the base runners was what allowed the Eagles to put up so many runs.

“We hit the ball hard, and those top three or four kids (in the lineup) are pretty quick,” Fox said. “So it puts a lot of pressure on the (defense). If you don’t catch it clean, they have a good chance to take another base on you. So I just think that speed at the front of the order puts a lot of pressure on the defense.”

With the win, the Wayne Christian Eagles improve to 8-0 for the season, while the Goldsboro Cougars fall to 3-4.

Wayne Christian will play again on Friday when they take on Wilson Christian Academy.