GOLNWS-05-04-21 SOCCER 1

The Goldsboro Cougars work their way up the field in an attempt to score a goal against the Wallace-Rose Hill Bulldogs on Friday.

The Goldsboro Cougars defeated the Wallace-Rose Hill Bulldogs, 6-0, on Friday night.

The Cougars scored first in a game they dominated from beginning to end with a penalty kick in the 14th minute from Erin Barnett. Just three minutes later, Goldsboro scored again with a goal from Libby Breeze.

The Cougars continued to dominate throughout the rest of the first half scoring two more goals before halftime to lead 4-0.

The game remained just as one-sided in the second half, and the Cougars added two more goals to their total.

Jorg Wagner, Goldsboro head coach, said that the biggest reason for their one-sided victory against Wallace-Rose Hill was that they played with an 11 to nine player advantage.

“The biggest difference was that they showed up with nine players,” Wagner said. “You can’t run nine versus 11 and expect to be competitive in an 80-minute game. It’s just not going to happen. It’s very unusual.

“We weren’t sure how they were going to come out. Were they going to put some more players up top or just keep hanging back? They decided to hang back. So we tried to put a little pressure on them, and it worked.”

Wagner also said the game meant a lot to seniors Shayla Green and Haley Phillips, who played their final game of high school on Friday.

“Both of them have been fantastic for us this year,” Wagner said. “Shayla (Green) was the fire department in the back. We have pure athleticism from her. We knew this of course from her basketball career. She is an excellent defender in basketball, and that translates to our game a little bit. To have her to come out for her senior year was fantastic.

“(Haley Phillips) is technically sound. She’s really fast, and when she gets going she is really good at what she does, and you can tell. The kids listen to her, and she can organize us in the front. She had a goal today. She has had a few throughout the season. There is a reason she was the co-captain. We are going to miss (Haley and Shayla) for sure.”

With the win, the Goldsboro Cougars finish the season with a record of 8-4 with all their matches coming in the East Central 2A Conference. With the loss, Wallace-Rose Hill finishes the season with an overall record of 3-12 and a 1-11 record in the East Central 2A Conference.