2019 Rosewood Middle School baseball team

The 2019 Rosewood Middle School baseball team recently won the Wayne County Conference Championship. Top row from left: Head Coach Walker Gourley; Statistician Alex Jones; Triston Melick; Worth Best; Will McLamb; Anderson Clucas; Jace Wise; Mick Smith; Assistant Coach Scott Albert. Back row from left: Landon Tyndall; Christopher Oliva; Derek Lund; Coleman Bragg; Wyatt Lassiter; Cam Medlin; Landon Merritt; Davis Albert.

The 2019 Rosewood Middle School baseball team recently won the Wayne County Conference Championship.


Congratulations to following athletes and coaches who were named to the East Carolina 3-A/4-A All-Conference team. Baseball: Ryan Sullivan (Eastern Wayne); Andrew Fricks (Eastern Wayne); Same Rice (Eastern Wayne); Clay Matthews (C.B. Aycock); Blake Dilda (C.B. Aycock). Baseball honorable mention: Braeden Collins (Eastern Wayne); Tyrie Artis (C.B. Aycock). Softball: Abbey Parker (Southern Wayne); Dawn Anderson (Southern Wayne); Mackenzie Bryan (Southern Wayne); Abbey Thomas (C.B. Aycock); Logan Medlin (C.B. Aycock); Emma Smith (C.B. Aycock); Makayla Williams (C.B. Aycock); Kaitlyn Smith (Eastern Wayne); Samantha Knight (Eastern Wayne). Softball honorable mention: Abigail Lancaster (C.B. Aycock); Marie Kidd (C.B. Aycock); Taylor Gay (C.B. Aycock). Boys’ tennis: Dylan March (Eastern Wayne, player of the year); Tyler De la Motte (Eastern Wayne); James Rodriguez (C.B. Aycock); Nolan Casey (C.B. Aycock); Jonas Creel (C.B. Aycock). Boys’ tennis honorable mention: Payne Casey (C.B. Aycock); Alex Thomas (Eastern Wayne). Girls’ soccer: Morgan Casey (C.B. Aycock); Hannah Spier (C.B. Aycock); Annabelle Watkins (C.B. Aycock); Morgan Kennedy (Southern Wayne); Daylan Wiggs (Southern Wayne). Girls’ soccer honorable mention: Kayla Spier (C.B. Aycock); McKenzie Norris (C.B. Aycock). Girls’ track: Destany Fuller (Eastern Wayne); Alexus Elliott (Southern Wayne); Rayven Smith (Eastern Wayne); Taniyah Oates (Eastern Wayne); Erykah Baldwin (Southern Wayne); Jada Hamilton (Eastern Wayne); Lucretia Boykin (Eastern Wayne); Samiyah Blount (Eastern Wayne); Denijah Hooker (Eastern Wayne). Boys’ track: Xavious Speight (Southern Wayne, player of the year); Tyre West (Southern Wayne); Jaylan Robinson (C.B. Aycock); Angus Dove (Eastern Wayne); Jaikwez Worsley (Eastern Wayne); Kristopher Clark (Eastern Wayne); Marcus Rouse (Eastern Wayne); Kadarius Hall (Southern Wayne); Tashawn Phillips (Southern Wayne).