2019 Norwayne Middle School softball team

The 2019 Norwayne Middle School softball team. Front row, from left: Annah Hare; Audrey Teasley; Ashleigh Gardner; Kristen Sexton; Selom Foery; Aaliyah Lassiter; and Bre Kearney. Back row, from left: Head coach Dan Millard Jr.; Abby Walker; Abagail Huffman; Laci Best; Annsleigh Rouse; McKenzie Millard; and assistant coach Dan Millard Sr.

Norwayne Middle School won the 2019 Wayne County middle school division 1 softball championship this season with a record of 14-0.

Team members are Annah Hare, Audrey Teasley, Ashleigh Gardner, Kristen Sexton, Selom Foery, Aaliyah Lassiter, Bre Kearney, Abby Walker, Abagail Huffman, Laci Best, Annsleigh Rouse and McKenzie Millard.