2018 Rosewood High School football team

The 2018 Rosewood High School football team is shown. The Eagles were recently awarded the NCHSAA Commissioner’s Cup

Football season has been over for five months, but the Rosewood Eagles are still winning awards.

N.C. High School Athletics Association recently honored the Eagles by naming them a Commissioner’s Cup Award Winner.

“Last year our swim program won,” Rosewood head football coach and athletic director Robert Britt said. “This is the second year in a row an athletic team from Rosewood High School has won the Commissioner’s Cup. Every team has a service project.

“A lot of our coaches understand a big part of molding a student-athlete is showing them they need to give back to the community and understand that being part of an athletic team is being a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.”

The Commissioner’s Cup is a community service award. Teams have to identify a need within their community and create a plan that makes an impact in the community. Winners each receive a $1,000 stipend for their respective team or athletic program.

For a team to win the Commissioner’s Cup, teams have to submit a two-minute video explaining how the team served the community, the impact the project had in the community, the number of people helped, the theme of the project and photos or videos of the project.

“The students were part of the presentation,” Britt said. “We got a couple of the seniors to speak during the video part. We’re actually going to take a couple of students with us when we receive the award.

“It’s a just a little recognition, and you don’t need the recognition, because we’ve been doing this for a long time, but it’s always nice for the kids to receive recognition for doing something good.”

Rosewood’s juniors help the staff of the Ronald McDonald House by completing tasks the staff does not have time to complete, while the seniors on the roster take time to visit children, who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses at the Vidant Medical Center.

Over the years, visiting the Ronald McDonald House and the Vidant Medical Center has become an annual tradition that the student-athletes look forward to participating in.

“Our kids look forward to it every year,” Britt said. “The seniors really look forward to the opportunity to go to the hospital, see the kids and give a little plastic football. They’re working with each other for the greater good, and it’s a bonding experience for the kids.”

The other seven schools who were honored by the NCHSAA are Union Academy cheerleading team, Pender High School athletics, Mount Pleasant High School AWSUM (Athletes Who Share Unselfish Moments) Club, North Henderson High School volleyball team, Person High School men’s basketball team, Independence High School football team and Panther Creek High School cross country team.