Rosewood seniors

Rosewood seniors who led the Eagles in a successful soccer season, from left, Ty Rouse, Ben Peacock, and Gavin Davis, are pictured in front of the senior class rock at Rosewood High School.

The Rosewood Eagles finished the 2021 soccer season with an incredible record of 21-1-2 and a big part of that success was three starting seniors.

The only three seniors on the young Rosewood team was goalkeeper Ben Peacock, right back Ty Rouse, and center back Gavin Davis. The seniors had the responsibility of leading a young team through a long season and a playoff run.

Throughout the entire five game playoff run with Peacock in the goal and Davis and Rouse defending the back line, the Eagles only allowed one goal.

The Eagles’ defense also only allowed 13 goals to be scored in the entire 24-game season.

Rosewood head coach Eddie Maldonado said the Eagles’ ability to shut the opponents out in game after game was due to the defensive play of his three seniors.

“To only give up 13 goals in the entire season, I don’t’ know how often that happens,” Maldonado said. “That’s a credit to these three guys, especially.”

Maldonado said that throughout the season all three seniors kept the rest of the team in check and helped them with positioning.

The Rosewood head coach said that even the goal scoring of his offense can be credited in part to seniors helping the goal scorers positioning in practice and during the games.

Rouse said he tried to teach to his younger teammates how to communicate with one another on the field.

“We work hard for each other and kept constant communication,” Rouse said. “We wouldn’t give up on one another.”

Davis said he believes a big reason for their success as team was setting goals, which is something that Maldonado taught them.

The coach told them before the season that as a team they had to vote on a goal.

As team, their goal was to make it further than the third round of the N.C. High School Athletic Association state playoffs, which is where they made it to last season. This season, the Eagles made it all the way the NCHSAA state playoff semifinals, which is the fifth round of the state playoffs.

“We set a goal and we passed the goal,” Davis said. “It was a season to remember forever.”

Peacock said he was happy to finish his final season by making it all the way to the semifinals in the state playoffs, and he gave his defensive line all of the credit for his success.

“It was really easy this year because I had Gavin and Ty on the back line, and our entire defense was stacked,” Peacock said. “So that made it easy for me to make the saves I needed to make.”

All three seniors said that they will not play soccer in college, and will instead to choose to focus on their academic careers.

Davis said that he will never enjoy playing soccer with any team as much as he enjoyed playing with the 2021 Rosewood Eagles.

“I don’t think I could ever play again,” Davis said. “I like playing with these boys way too much to join another group and try to do that again.”

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