The 2018-2019 wrestling season is in the history books, and it will go down as one of Rosewood High School’s most successful seasons.

Rosewood claimed its first trifecta in school history as senior Timothy Decatur (132), senior Jordan Todd (145) and junior Christian Decatur (113) each won individual state champion wrestling titles, while Chris Hill (126) was runner up and heavyweight Nyterrius Williams finished fourth.

On Wednesday afternoon, the five Eagles and head coach Hal Kilpatrick sat down to talk about their incredible runs of success.

In four years, Timothy Decatur won three state championships, broke Rosewood’s all-time wins record, made his fourth straight appearance in the State Wrestling Championships. As a sophomore, he lost out on a state championship, and he wasn’t about to let that happen again.

“It feels good because all the hard work had paid off,” Timothy Decatur said. “I had in my mind I was going to win no matter who they are. I just go out and try my best.”

Not only did Timothy Decatur win an individual wrestling title, but he also broke the North Carolina all-time wins record.

“I knew I was going to break it,” Timothy Decatur said. “I just knew I had to stay focused on the matches and not think about breaking it because that would get in the way of winning the state tournament. After the state tournament, it felt good knowing that I broke it, but during the tournament, I was more focused on winning.”

Todd said he and his Eagles teammates are a brotherhood, always supporting one another.

“It’s a family here, and I owe so much to this program,” Todd said. “I literally have the best partners I could have. My practice partners and my bros they’re the best. We play around, and we’re always wrestling. That’s what I love about wrestling; it makes a family.

“It’s really awesome, and I really love these boys.”

Todd said what drove him most this year was to win states again after finishing runner up last year.

“It felt good to win, especially since I lost the year before, and I couldn’t be a three-timer, so I wanted to at least be a two-timer,” Todd said. “It was cool, and I felt good I didn’t lose to anybody in North Carolina, that’s pretty dope.”

Hill said the level of competition inside the Rosewood wrestling room pushes all them to get better.

“We’ve all been wrestling with each other for a while, and we make each other better,” Hill said. “That’s one of the reasons we're so good. We always practice so hard together. Coming in as freshmen, we weren’t supposed to be as good as we were, and just shocked a lot of people and proved them wrong.”

Finishing the season with a 57-0 record, Christian Decatur said he felt a little more nervous going into this year’s tournament than in any other year.

“Winning states felt really good,” Christian Decatur said. “I was trying to back it up, because I was undefeated going into the state championship I wasn’t about to lose in the state championship, and have that taken away from me."

Christian Decatur said he and his brother are always wrestling, teaching each other and are always making each other better. He added his teammates have also helped him grow as a wrestler.

“Living with Timothy, he teaches me a lot of stuff, and I teach him a lot of stuff just by the way that we wrestle, and my teammates have helped me a lot throughout my high school career,” Christian Decatur said.

Williams said the bond he shares with his Eagles teammates is unbreakable.

“At first I didn’t know if I would stick with it, but after being with these guys for the last few years, I couldn’t leave,” Williams said. “We’re always wrestling, we’ll spend the night together, and we’re doing some type of wrestling.

“It was a great season, getting to spend my last year with these guys.”

Kilpatrick applauded his wrestlers and said he couldn’t have asked for a better group of young men.

“It was great watching them grow up,” Kilpatrick said. “All of them have had some pretty big moments, and it’s a once in a lifetime thing when you get a group like that.”