BETHEL -- Rosewood wrestled in the prestigious Pierce-Davis Memorial on Saturday at North Pitt High School, finishing second with a total of 204.5 points.

"The staff was very pleased with the second place finish considering we were without starters Timothy Decatur, David Brown and Nyterrius Williams," head coach Bill Williamson said. "Joey Behrend was the surprise of the tournament, scoring 30 points and winning his first major individual tournament."

The Eagles next see the mat on Thursday, when they travel to Smithfield-Selma.


106: Christian Decatur (Rosewood) - DNP

Quarterfinals - Christian Decatur (Rosewood) over Eric Sanchez Aparico (Trask, Heide) (Fall 0:33)

Semifinals - Christian Decatur (Rosewood) over Brodie Moore (Washington) (Fall 4:20)

1st Place Match - Christian Decatur (Rosewood) over Eddie Leon (South Lenoir) (TF 16-0 5:25)

113: William Kimball (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Evan Wienert (First Flight) over William Kimball (Rosewood) (Fall 0:43)

Cons. Round 4 - William Cannaday (South Central) over William Kimball (Rosewood) (Fall 0:46)

120: Chris Hill (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Chris Hill (Rosewood) over Alex Nguyen (First Flight) (Dec 12-8)

Quarterfinals - Chris Hill (Rosewood) over Jose Garcia (Tarboro) (Fall 5:24)

Semifinals - Chris Hill (Rosewood) over Clay Elliott (South Lenoir) (Dec 8-4)

1st Place Match - Chris Hill (Rosewood) over Marcus Sneed (Washington) (Fall 4:45)

126: Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) over Quivon Lester (Southwest Edgecombe) (Fall 1:07)

Quarterfinals - Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) over Shamar Cogdell (South Central) (Fall 0:27)

Semifinals - Drew Sisk (JH Rose) over Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) (MD 12-3)

Cons. Semis - Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) over Walter Kellar (Northeastern) (Dec 10-5)

3rd Place Match - Steven Klakken (South Lenoir) over Reid Amodeo (Rosewood) (For.)

132: Braeden Reiss (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Adam Shorter (Hoke County) over Braeden Reiss (Rosewood) (Fall 3:03)

Cons. Round 3 - Braeden Reiss (Rosewood) over Gavin Sexton (South Lenoir) (Dec 12-10)

Cons. Round 4 - Luke Brush (Princeton) over Braeden Reiss (Rosewood) (Fall 1:26)

170: Joey Behrend (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Joey Behrend (Rosewood) over Tristan Reyes (South Lenoir) (Fall 1:31)

Quarterfinals - Joey Behrend (Rosewood) over Jayleen Bullock (Fike) (Fall 2:46)

Semifinals - Joey Behrend (Rosewood) over Marco Pangalo (Greene Central) (Fall 1:06)

1st Place Match - Joey Behrend (Rosewood) over Kareem Butler (Hoke County) (Fall 2:48)

220: Blake Jarman (Rosewood) - DNP

Champ. Round 2 - Blake Jarman (Rosewood) over Connor Baxter (South Lenoir) (Fall 0:18)

Quarterfinals - Jerell Belcher (South Central) over Blake Jarman (Rosewood) (Fall 1:36)

Cons. Round 4 - Blake Jarman (Rosewood) over Ta`Nazzi Williams (Southwest Edgecombe) (Fall 2:29)

Cons. Round 5 - Blake Jarman (Rosewood) over Dawson Cullipher (Holmes) (Inj. [time])

Cons. Semis - Logan